Egg & Mushroom  (Stage1,2 & 3)

Egg & Mushroom (Stage1,2 & 3)

Today’s breakfast . 1 egg and 100 gm mushrooms.
Recipe :-
Take 100 gm mushrooms chop it then dry fry it with little pink salt and paper. Then beat 1 egg with little pink salt pepper and curry powder (opt) , little onion chopped, red capsicum chopped, coriander leave chopped and mix well add the fried mushrooms in to it. Mix well. Take the appe pan and pour little mixture in the holes then cover it. After 1/2 minutes flip the side care fully. Cover it . It’ll be done in 1 minute more. Garnish with onion, capsicum and coriander leave. According to your stage just add or minus the veggies.

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